UPM209 Multifunction Power Meter

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A three-phase DIN rail mount digital power meter with options for 80A direct connect, 1/5A current transformer (CT) connect or Rogowski coil connect. Including fully bi-directional 4-quadrant measurements. The compact 4 DIN module size allows for quick installation. Communications can be via digital output, Modbus-RTU/ASCII, or Modbus-TCP. User interface is also available via the LCD display and web browser dashboard (Ethernet version).

See UPM309 Digital Power Meter (1/5A or Rogowski connect) for 96×96 panel-mount version.

Compatible with Huawei solar inverters for export limiting applications.


Product Description

The UPM209 and UPM309 by Algodue provide an extremely versatile solution for distributed energy monitoring in facilities. Offering a din-rail and panel mount option to suit the two standard methods for meter installation.

Both meters support 1/5A CT connect and Rogowski coil connect for current measurement. The UPM209 also supports direct connect (80A). This makes these meters perfect for use in both low and high current applications whilst maintaining +/- 0.4% accuracy.

With various communications options these multifunction power meters can connect easily with a BMS, EMS or PCMS via high level interface including Modbus-TCP/IP (Ethernet) and Modbus-RTU/ASCII (RS485).

The Ethernet models include an integrated webserver for remote viewing of real-time values, data-logging, device configuration and setup. Furthermore, this web-browser interface provides the option to setup NTP server time sync.

There are also options for standard and enhanced metering depending on the reporting requirements and project budget. The basic version includes reporting on standard active and reactive power values and THD. Whilst the enhanced version includes reporting on a range of min/max values and voltage/current harmonics up to the 15th order, along with various other advanced parameters.

Technical Features



  • Voltage: ±0.2% reading in 10% FS…FS range (FS=Full Scale value)
  • Current: ±0.4% reading in 5% FS…FS range
  • Power: ±0.5% reading ±0.1% FS (PF=1)
  • Frequency: ±0.1% reading ±1 digit in 45…65 Hz range
  • Active energy: Class 1 according to IEC/EN 62053-21
  • Reactive energy: Class 2 according to IEC/EN 62053-23

Voltage & Frequency

  • Voltage range: 3×10/17 … 3×285/495 VAC
  • Safety: 300 V CAT III
  • Minimum voltage for FFT calculation: 20/35 VAC (multiplied by PT ratio in case of PT use) with a direct connection


  • Maximum value:
    • 1/5A CT model: 6A
    • 80A model: 80A
    • Rogowski model: 3 selectable scales, 500/4000/20000A
  • Starting current (Ist):
    • 1/5A CT model: 2 mA
    • 80A model: 20 mA
    • Rogowski model: 0.3 A for FSA 500 A, 1 A for FSA 4000 A, 10 A for FSA 20000 A
  • CT burden:
    • 1/5A CT model: 0.04 VA
  • Minimum current for FFT calculation:
    • 1/5A CT model: 100 mA * CT ratio
    • 80A model: 200 mA
    • Rogowski model: 70 A for FSA 500 A, 400 A for FSA 4000 A, 1500 A for FSA 20000 A

Power Supply

  • Voltage range: 85 … 265 VAC
  • Safety: 300 V CAT III
  • Maximum consumption:
    • Instrument with RS485 port: 1.6 VA – 1 W
    • Instrument with Ethernet port: 4.5 VA – 1.6 W
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Display & Keyboard

  • Display: Backlit LCD, 43×29 mm, 3 rows, 4 digits + symbols
  • Keyboard: 3 front buttons + 1 protected button


Digital Output

  • Type: Passive optoisolated
  • Maximum values (according to IEC/EN 62053-31): 27 VDC – 27 mA
  • Energy pulse length (only for DO in pulse mode): 50 ±2ms ON time
  • Maximum output reaction time (only for DO in alarm mode): 1 s

RS-485 Modbus-RTU

  • Port: RS485 optoisolated
  • Protocol: Modbus RTU/ASCII
  • Communication speed: 300 – 57600 bps

Ethernet communication

  • Port: Ethernet (RJ45)
  • Protocol: HTTP, NTP, DHCP, Modbus TCP
  • Communication speed: 10/100 Mbps
  • 8 MB for data recording
  • Integrated webserver

Wire Diameter for Terminals

  • Measuring terminals (A & V):
    • 1/5A CT & Rogowski models: 1.5 … 6 mm2
    • 80A model: 1.5 … 35 mm2
  • Terminals for digital output, AUX input, RS485 port: 0.14 … 2.5 mm2

Environmental Ratings

  • Operating temperature: -25°C … +55°C (3K6)
  • Storage temperature: -40°C … +75°C (2K3)
  • Humidity: 80% max without condensation
  • Sinusoidal vibration amplitude: 50 Hz ±0.075 mm
  • Protection degree – frontal part: IP51 (granted only in case of installation in a cabinet with at least IP51 protection degree)
  • Protection degree – terminals: IP20
  • Pollution degree: 2
  • Installation and use: Internal



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