Smappee Energy – Grid Connect

Track your electricity in real-time, right from your smartphone

Save on your electricity bills with real-time monitoring & smart control

Smappee Energy – Grid Connect

Smappee Energy provides a user-friendly solution for monitoring power consumption and solar production in homes.

The all-in-one system can be installed quickly and easily by a properly trained person.

Once installed users will be able to view their energy data in real-time, along with accessing historical data.

With accurate data on how a home interacts with electricity, users can identify ways to reduce consumption and become familiar with the energy guzzling appliances in the household.

* This Grid Only option does not include solar monitoring but can be expanded in future with a 50A current clamp.

Data Sheets
Installation Manual

What’s in the box?

1 x Smappee Energy

1 x 100A current clamp

2-year cloud data licence

Smappee Energy

Monitor grid & solar energy

* Requires additional 50A current clamp

Track up to 20 key appliances

*Requires Smappee Switch

See costs over time

Quickly installed by a trained professional

Express shipping Australia wide

Add control with Smappee Switch

Order your own Smappee Energy today!

$257.30 $189.90 incl. GST

Alternative Options

Maximise Savings & Control Over Your Costs with Wholesale Rates

Vista Power Technologies has partnered with Amber Electric, an electricity retailer that offers real-time electricity market rates directly to their customers.

Amber Electric pass on the actual electricity market price and network tariffs, only charging a fixed monthly management fee for this service. 

Accessing wholesale electricity prices can lead to significant cost savings.

As an Amber Electric partner we can offer a $40 credit just for signing up. 

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